News Articles

News Articles

Star Beacon July 13, 2016

by Shelley Terry

Ashtabula Lighthouse Centennial celebration Friday - As the Ashtabula Lighthouse turns 100, the group dedicated to preserving it is looking to take another step in making it a tourist hot spot...... more

Star Beacon July 19, 2015

by Dave DeLuca

Ashtabula Lighthouse Preservation Group Has Annual Fish Fry - The smell and sound of sizzling seafood filled the air as at least 300 people filled the pavilion at Lake Shore Park for the annual Ashtabula Lighthouse Restoration and Preservation Society fish fry on Saturday. ..... more

Gazette Publications

Ashtabula Lighthouse Preservation Efforts Continue - Gazette Newspaper insert called Ashtabula County History 2015 - click here to find photos of the article .jpg files of article

Star Beacon August 13, 2013

by Shelley Terry

Tours of Lighthouse at Wine and Walleye Festival - Visitors to this year's Wine and Walleye Festival will be able to tour the inside of the Ashtabula Lighthouse via a custom-made floating dock ...... more

Star Beacon November 19, 2008

by Carl E. Feather

Working on the Lighthouse - As any homeowner ought to know, a house that's not maintained is a house that's going to cost big money and require a lot of work...more

Popular Mechanics - January 1907 thanks to Bob Weaver for providing us with this article